Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16 consultation

Pyons Group Neighbourhood Development Plan is at the Regulation 16 consultation stage.  The consultation began on 3 August 2016 and will finish on 14 September 2016.  For more information please go to Herefordshire Council’s website at:

Chairman’s report August 2016

Development at Watling Meadow – Proposed increase in housing numbers to 35 from 30

Following the many objections to the above development received by the Planning Department, including that from the Group Parish Council, we have requested that it be referred to committee. This gives a chance to further our case, and ensure that the application is properly considered and not just waved through.

There are some points which are worth clarifying.

1. The new Hereford Housing scheme comprises 21 affordable houses, which include social rent and shared ownership; the remainder are private rent and discount market. The already-approved, but distinctly different, scheme comprised 20 private and 10 affordable houses.

2. There has been the suggestion that the Core Strategy has been contravened by the number of houses. In fact the number in the strategy is a target, not though a limit; however, since a housing-needs case has not been made it seems perverse to exceed now the number set to be achieved by 2031.

3. While Welsh Water has not objected, doubt still surrounds the measures proposed to ensure drainage of the site.

4. The reduction in the Section 106 monies after approval was gained for the previous scheme is regrettable; the Parish Council was not privy to the negotiations. The Parish Council must always consider the best interests of the community, and shares the consensus view in strongly objecting to this scheme.

Finally I leave you with two points made by Councillor Bowen-Jones:

1. The increased number is not sustainable in terms of local needs over the period of the Neighbourhood Plan, not to be confused with county or national needs.

2. It disregards the needs of the children who will live there, depriving them of any place nearby where they can play safely outside or very close to their homes.