Chairman’s report for September 2016

Village Plan 1966

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Speed concerns in the village

It is often hard to know how to get the police interested in doing speed control without the chilling prospect of waiting for a serious accident. Most people could be forgiven for feeling that any concerns about speeding reported to the police would make little or no difference.

Peter Collins has however received (on behalf of Westhope Neighbourhood Watch) the news that any concerns about speeding traffic should be sent to the Parish Council, then forwarded by us to the Safer Roads, and may result in our area being chosen to be a ‘Community Concern Site’.

I have put a link on the website for more information on this.

Funding cuts from Herefordshire Council

Unfortunately, the Parish Council is also not immune to the spending cuts HC has been forced into. This is set to hit the funding we get from them for the lengthsman and footpaths budget. We are left in the unenviable position of operating on a reduced budget, or increasing our precept; of course HC know this only too well – in fact they have positively encouraged us all to increase our precepts – thereby possibly diverting complaints of council tax increases from themselves to the PCs…

Our finance committee meets next in October, but the cuts from HC are due to be spread out over the next 2/3 years. I am though of the opinion that every £1 that we get goes a lot further because we are all working voluntarily – so you end up only paying for the actual work done, and not the raft of office work behind it.