Chairman’s report for December 2016


At our last meeting we agreed to request a 15% increase for 2017/18 to £10500 from this year’s £9130, which represents an increase of about £3.50 on an annual council tax bill of £26.07 for a band ‘D’ property. This is in most part to compensate for the cuts to our Lengthsman budget from Herefordshire Council— this and previous years were supported by a 100% grant, but next year we must contribute, and the year after it must be funded wholly by us.


We are pleased to announce that the defibrillator box has now been installed adjacent to the entrance to the Parish Hall. The box in which the defibrillator is housed is heated to protect it from frost, and we are very grateful to Chris Cole Electrical Ltd for donating their time to wire the box in.

The box is unlocked, and the defibrillator is available to be used at any time. If you suspect someone is having a heart attack, always call 999 first, and they may instruct you to go and fetch the defibrillator (as long as the patient is not left unattended). No training is required as the defibrillator has a built-in module which tells you what to do, and will not shock if it does not deem it necessary.

The Parish Council will be looking to arrange some free training sessions from Heart Start. Although no training is required to use the defibrillator, the main reasons for training are to increase people’s confidence, and instruct in the giving of CPR. Heart Start is part of the British Heart Foundation and there are more details to be found on their website.