Neighbourhood Plan Report Dec 2016

The formal external consultations on our NP are nearing completion. The efforts of the last 3 years have not been in vein and the Regulation 14, 15 and 16 experiences have shown our plan to be progressives and a positive contribution to the Herefordshire Core Strategy. Our ambition to resolve our concerns over services, long term community and environmental sustainability has been welcomed, resulting in no criticisms over its aims, strategy or process. The final inspection has, so far, been seeking points of clarification and has not yet raised any issues; assuming this concludes shortly, HCC should be seeking to obtain a mandate through referendum of all Pyon residents early in 2017 for our plan to pass into law.

Following recent declarations by Government, it seems that Neighbourhood Plans are now a permanent feature of Government policy in shaping communities, so we can pride ourselves on reaching this point where we will soon have the opportunity to be more in charge of our destiny in our lovely community. We are, therefore, keeping our fingers crossed that the unusually smooth passage we have experienced so far will continue through our local referendum, with a strong showing by residents for its support.

[Anthony Drew, Chairman, Neighbourhood Planning Group]