Chairman’s report for June 2017

Pyons Group Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Information Event 2 May

“What is the plan for King’s Pyon?” – one particular question that stood out to me from this evening, and possibly summing up an often-held confusion as to what the Plan is there to do. It has never been the case that the Plan looks to the minutiae of what should be built and where, but simply sets out a blue-print of how we would like to see the parishes develop until 2031, and most of the details are on Canon Pyon, this being the major village.

It is worth remembering that the original public consultation on the Plan was in 2015, and is written to best encapsulate the ideas and thoughts of the parishioners themselves, alongside the minimum requirements of the Core Strategy. There was general agreement then that the outlying villages of Ledgemoor, King’s Pyon, Bush Bank and Westhope, not being of the size and having the facilities of Canon Pyon, were not going to have any specific plans as such, as future developments would more than likely be ‘windfall’, ie. Individual plots here and there and no major developments.

Compared to other Plans, ours has tended to favour policies that allow for greater flexibility in future decisions on individual projects, which we hope will give us room for greater input going forward.