Chairman’s Report October 2018

Proposal to re-locate Ledgemoor telephone kiosk
Our telephone kiosk in Ledgemoor is looking a bit worse for wear after the initial excitement a few years ago when it was bought by the Parish Council off BT for £1. The fact is, it is rather stranded out past the link – it was originally put in this location to serve both the Ledgemoor and Weobley Marsh communities.

An initial check of the hand-over document from BT when it was acquired by the Parish Council did not seem to preclude the possibility of moving it, although the ground where the kiosk originally stood would remain in the ownership of BT. The physical impediment would be the presence of underground services at any proposed new location, and whether the supply to the box itself is still live even though the box is no longer connected – this is what is being looked at before our next meeting.

The possible new locations would be adjacent to or opposite the post box, and in front of the Club Room – it could for instance be an additional notice-board and/or a library. It would also be more accessible for future maintenance.

So watch this space, because if we consider this to be a feasible proposition in practical and financial terms we will put this out to the community for your thoughts.

Next year elections
Next year on 2 May 2019 there will be elections for Canon Pyon and King’s Pyon Parish Councils, which together form Pyons Group Parish Council. There are four Kings Pyon Parish councillors and eight Canon Pyon Parish councillors, and all the offices will be up for election. Pyons Group Parish Council has a proud record of having enough candidates to hold an election, which is not the case for most parishes in the county.

So, if you want to get things done in your local community, are worried about how cutbacks might affect your local services or would like to take a more active role within your community, then please think about making a difference and becoming a parish councillor. If you are interested and have the time to attend about 10 parish council meetings per year, which generally are held in the evening, then why not stand for election.

To find out more about the role please contact one of the existing councillors – contact details can be found on, or contact the Clerk on 07963 845358 or email Early next year you’ll need to contact Electoral Services to get a nomination pack (01432 260107).

The next meeting will be at Westhope Church at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday 2nd October. The agenda will be up on our website a few days before –

Harry Ray, Chairman,
Pyons Group Parish Council.