Chairman’s Report July 2018

Public Open Space
Having now had sight of the tree report, the Parish Council decided at the last meeting to take the recommendation of removing six trees deemed to be of poor condition, but to keep the large pear tree which is sited near the main road and adjacent to the playing fields.

The general feeling was that we did not want as many trees planted as suggested on the initial plan (as published in the Pyonear), and have asked for six new trees in total to be planted, four of which will be on the side near the road.

The Developers have agreed to pay for this work.

The Public Open Space, as mentioned in my last two reports, is an area between the new housing development and Canon Pyon Playing Fields which the Parish Council will be adopting.

Pyons Group Facebook page
I set up this page when we launched the first version of the ‘pyonsgroup’ website. Not an awful lot has happened on it, although it has 81 ‘followers’. It has been decided, especially now with the new rules on data, that this is not something the Parish Council should be involved with directly.

So as a first step we would like to ask if any member of the community would like to take this page on. If you are interested, please contact the clerk.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd July at Canon Pyon Parish Hall at 7.30 p.m.

Harry Ray, Chairman,
Pyons Group Parish Council.

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