Council Business



Councillors are summoned to attend the Annual Meeting of the Group Parish Council on

Tuesday 10th May 2022 at 7.30pm in Canon Pyon Parish Hall for the purpose of transacting the following business.


2022/25           Election of Chairman and declaration of acceptance of office.

2022/26           Election of Vice-Chairman.

2022/27           To receive apologies for absence.

2022/28           To receive declarations of interest & written dispensation requests.

2022/29           To co-opt to fill the current Kings Pyon councillor vacancy.

2022/30           Election of other officers:

2022/30.1  Footpaths Officer.

2022/30.2  Lengthsman and Highways Co-ordinators.

2022/30.3  Neighbourhood Plan Co-ordinator.

2022/30.4  Internal Auditor.

2022/31           Working groups:

                        2022/31.1  NDP.

                        2022/31.2  Finance.

                        2022/31.3  Planning.

                        2022/31.4  Website.

                        2022/31.5  Newsletter.

                        2022/31.6  Flood Group.

2022/32           Public Session:

2022/32.1  To raise matters from Ward Councillor’s report.

2022/32.2  To receive views of local residents on parish matters.

2022/33           To receive and approve the minutes from the ordinary meeting of the parish council held on Monday the 4th April 2022.

2022/34           Planning:  To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:

2022/34.1 Planning Consultation – 221119 – The Barn House Shire Glat, Canon Pyon, HR4 8PD. Proposed conversion of original farm buildings into extension of domestic accommodation.

2022/35           Finance:

                   2022/35.1  To receive finance reports from the Responsible Finance Officer.

                   2022/35.2  To consider the following payments:

                   2022/35.2.1  Richard Mills invoice 3580  £185.50 plus VAT.

2022/36           Financial support for new play park at Canon Pyon:  To receive update from Clerk.

2022/37           Highways/Lengthsman/Footpaths: To receive updates from responsible councillors and consider action.

2022/38           Pound repairs:  To receive update from Clerk.

2022/39           Proposal to store sandbags at Canon Pyon:  To receive update from Cllr Schubert consider action.

2022/40           Herefordshire Council road sweeping :  To receive update from Cllr Dickson and consider action.

2022/41           HM Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: To receive update from Cllr Perruzza and consider action.

2022/42           Ledgemoor telephone box:  To receive update from Cllr Thomas and consider action.

2022/43           NDP Site D: To receive update from Clerk and consider action.

2022/44           To raise matters for next scheduled meeting …

Paul Hayden – Parish Clerk   01531 670 139                                                                 4th May 2022