NDP Review Consultation, March 2020

Drop In Consultation on review of Pyons Group Neighbourhood Plan

The parish council consulted on areas to look at in the review of the neighbourhood development plan over the weekend of 14-15 March 2020 at Canon Pyon Parish Hall.

The neighbourhood development plan is being reviewed to ensure it still represents the views and opinion of local people, and because Herefordshire Council does not currently have a five year land supply.

The drop in consultation was an opportunity for people living in the Pyons Group parishes to suggest areas to review. Everyone was encouraged to participate in the NDP process and options, and help to prioritise the areas to review. Members of the parish council and steering group were on hand at the drop in consultation.

A poster was delivered to households and placed on noticeboards in the parishes, and was available to download – NDP Consultation Notice. Members of the public unable to attend the drop in consultation or wanting to review information beforehand could download slides showing suggested areas that it was proposed to review – NDP Review Presentation.

As well as attending the drop in consultation, members of the public could communicate their views via the Community Consultation questionnaire, which was also available to download – NDP Review Questionaire. Completed questionnaires could be returned to a box at the shop and post office at Canon Pyon, or directly to the Clerk by email (clerk.pyonsgroup@gmail.com). The cut off date for return of questionnaires was Monday 23 March 2020.

The report on the drop in consultation of 14-15 March 2020 is available to review – NDP-Review-Consultation-Report.