NDP Review steering group meeting – 11 January 2021

Pyons Group Parish Council
Neighbourhood Development Plan Review Steering Group

Online Meeting at 7.30pm, Monday 11 January 2021

Members of the public wishing to join the meeting should
click on the following link at 7.30pm:

1. To note attendance at the meeting
a) Steering Group Members in attendance
b) Apologies
c) In attendance

2. Declarations of interest on agenda items

3. To receive the notes of the meeting of 8 December 2020

4. To invite members of the public to join/ support the steering group

5. Review preparations for Regulation 14 public consultation on the NDP Review document and agree next steps
• Requirement to post flyer to households and businesses due to lock down;
• Consider estimate for A2 laminated flyer to place in Canon Pyon;
• Placement of flyers and return boxes;
• Review process for delivering NDP Review documents requested by members of the public; and
• Plan online consultation events on 6 and 9 February 2021.

6. Matters for the next meeting

7. Date of next meeting(s) and close meeting


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